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How to keep your smartphone battery healthy?


The battery is the most important thing about your Smartphone. Because if the battery does
not work, nothing else can be done. With the right kind of care and attention, you can ensure
that your battery lasts longer and overall.
Lithium-ion batteries in today’s phones are more reliable, longer-lasting, and safer than ever.
There are some tips to keep your smartphone battery healthy.

How to manage battery life

If you always wait for your phone to die before re-plugging in, you will not seriously harm.
But you run the risk of shortening battery life. Keeping your phone at 50 to 80 percent seems
like a sweet spot. Whenever possible you should have less than 20 percent.
On a relevant note, it is advisable to fully charge your phone. And connect to the office
overnight or during the day. Today smartphones and chargers can detect when one hundred
percent hit and reduce the power flow accordingly.

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Make it Last

The usual advice applies here: turn down the screen brightness, use headphones instead of the
built-in speaker. And put your phone into flight mode. This will disable contacts with other
devices and applications will not be up to date. When you are in an area with weak signal
strength, the advice is twofold. Trying to connect your phone to a weak signal is more
difficult and as a result, the battery drains faster.


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