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What is Use of Voice Password

voice password

A Password is a unique thing to everyone. Now a day’s most people use their fingerprint as a password since it is a unique identity for everyone. Our voice also unique as same as a fingerprint. So the newest technologies come with voice passwords. Voice biometric software is a more secure, authentic method. 

With the introduction of Microsoft Cortana, Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant, voice recognition has become more popular. Voice authentic method is a simple technique. First, the software designates the voice password, and it doesn’t necessarily need to be complex as a regular password. The Voice identification system monitors your voice from more than a hundred unique identifiers. And then create the voice ID.  

Each time you use the voice password, it compares with the original voice password to provide access to the device. When compares to other security methods, a voice password is heft proof. Because identification systems have the ability to give permission only to the device owner. 


  • Common security methods like pins, passwords, and security questions can forget easily. But the voice remains as same every day and its unique identity for a person. 
  • This increases efficiency. Vocal passwords reduce the number of security steps and time for verification.
voice password
voice password


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