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What is Ultra-Focus Camera Technology

Ultra-Focus Camera Technology

Scientists created a new focus-free camera using an ultra-flat lens that “covers the need for focusing.” This development makes an impact on both photography and a wide range of industries.


Using this lens Menon and his team created a new camera that doesn’t need to be focused.  That lens is about 1/1000 inch thick. Commonly conventional camera lenses use the element of multiple lenses, and the relative positioning of those elements need to adjust focus on the subject. This new flat lens provides an “extremely deep focusing image” and that keeps all subjects focused.

While increasing the functionality of flat lenses, it can greatly reduce the weight, complexity, and cost of cameras and other imaging systems. The new flat lens can focus on objects up to 6 meters apart. 

Flat lenses use nanostructure patterns on a flat surface instead of large glass or plastic to achieve important optical properties that control how light travels. To focus light, a conventional lens converts parallel light waves into spherical waves that converted into a correct point.

 In an important breakthrough, the researchers realized that waves of other shapes could have a similar effect. Whether used on traditional cameras, smartphones, or the microscope, attention needs to pay for ensuring that the details of an object are sharp. If there are different objects at different distances from the camera, each object should focus on separately.

Ultra-Focus Camera Technology
Ultra-Focus Camera Technology

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