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Ice Age-era bear has found from Russia

Ice Age-era bear has found from Russia

Ice Age cave bear found in the Russian Arctic and it is completely preserved. This is the first example of a species whose soft tissue remains intact.

The astonishing discovery made by the reindeer herders of the Lyakovsky Islands, part of the New Siberian archipelago in northern Russia.

 According to the group, the cave bear is a prehistoric or subspecies that lived in the Middle and Late Pleistocene of Eurasia and became extinct about 15,000 years ago. Scientists at the university done researches into woolly mammoths and other prehistoric species suggested the discovery did not present.

 Lena Grigorieva is an archaeologist at the university. She said the bear was “the first and only one of its kind” can find in a single piece of “soft tissue and it is completely preserved and all the internal organs, including the nose, are functional”.  In previously only skulls and bones were found. 

This discovery is important to the whole world. Maxim Cheprasov, a senior researcher at the Mammoth Museum in Yakutsk has said that “Radiocarbon analysis needs to determine the exact age of the bears.” 

Scientists could not able yet to reach the site of the discovery the ancient body was found more than 5,000 miles from Moscow. Apart from that the preserved carcass of a bear cub was found in Yakutia, a region in the Sakha East of Russia.

 DNA testing is performed major discoveries of giants, fur rhinos, foxes, puppies, and cave-lion cubs made as the permafrost melts over large areas of Siberia in the Russian region.

Ice Age-era bear has found from Russia
Ice Age-era bear has found from Russia


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