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Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging


These days we all use smartphones, laptops, and many more electronic devices. All these equipment have batteries for electric supply. And batteries need to be continuously charged when the power reduces. We use chargers to the power supply, and most chargers are not portable since they have connected with a cable. But now there are wireless chargers that can make charging easy. The most popular wireless technologies used in the electromagnetic field between two copper coils.


There are three types of wireless chargers.

  1. Charging pads that use tightly-coupled electromagnetic inductive or non-radiative charging.
  2. Charging bowls or through-surface type charges. (Use loosely-coupled or radiative electromagnetic resonant charging to transmit the charge for few centimeters.)
  3. Uncoupled radio frequency wireless chargers. (Allows a trickle charging capability at a distance of many feet.)


How this works


Both tightly and loosely coupled chargers use the same technique. Here a time-varying magnetic field induces a current in a closed loop of wire.


A magnetic loop or a copper coil used to create an oscillating magnetic field. This can generate current in one or more receiver antennas. This magnetic resonance enables to transmit power at the greater distance between the transmitter and receiver. Coil size also affects the power transmission. Smartphone wireless chargers have small diameter coils. But, when coils get more massive energy can transmit wirelessly.


Now, this wireless charging technology has expanded into a wide range of areas, and soon, this will be the most common technology.

Wireless Charging
Wireless Charging

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