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Pen Printer

Pen Printer

Now we are using disposable pens for writing, and sometimes it will be a trouble because these pens can’t use for a long time. Designers called Tae-Jin Kim, and Su-In Kim has found a pen which can use for a long time. This is a pen printer, which is compactable, mobile, and USB compatible. Its size better fits with any purse, backpack as well as the power sourced from your computer. Usually, other pens remain some ink at the end, but no one can use the remaining ink for writing. But the specialty of this pen printer is, we can use the ink by heat utilization.

You can use pens with various sizes since there is an inner has covered by a smart rubber coating. When you insert the pen, regenerated ink extracts and inject them like a usual printer cartridge.

The following are the parts of the Pen Printer.


  • Cartridge and Ink Inlet – when the pen inserts in the cartridge, it will automatically charge and absorb ink by heating.
  • Injection Nozzle – sprays ink which extracted from the pen to the paper.
  • Power Button – you can power on and off by this.
  • USB connection – pen printer connects to the computer by the USB port, and it supplies electricity to the printer.
  • Pen Inserter – it is a rubber pen inserter, and you can insert any pen without any problem.

Paper Outlet – printed paper comes out from here.

Pen Printer
Pen Printer

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