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Heart Monitoring T-shirt.

Heart Monitoring T shirt

Have you ever experience on ECG machine that 12 leads have attached to your body? Now you do not have to bother on ECG machines, since there are T-shirts which can monitor your heart. This is the comfortable version of the ECG or electrocardiogram machine.  


This t-shirt directly connects to your body and measure the heart rate. Rather than monitoring heart rate, this t-shirt can monitor the followings:

  • History and trend of your ECG.
  • Possibility of getting a heart attack or other risk factors.
  • Breathing rate and volume.
  • The current level of stress and fatigue.
  • Calories you have burnt.
  • Problems in your body that can cause chest pains.


How does this work?


This t-shirt manufactures various garments by using various materials. So the structure can differ due to the brands. But the necessary technology they are using is similar.


There is an integrated Fabric to use for this t-shirt which can receive the signals from your body. And a Bluetooth device has attached to the fabric which connects with a computer or a smartphone. There are specific apps to individual brands to download to your device. Finally, when you turn on Bluetooth and connect both devices, it monitors the heart rate and other conditions. This entire system works from a battery that can charge wirelessly.


The technology of this is a massive improvement in both the health and apparel industry. This can develop to monitor the health condition in the whole body near the future.

Heart Monitoring T shirt
Heart Monitoring T-shirt

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