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Flying Car in Japan get off ground, with a person

Flying Car

Since there are various types of vehicles in the world, people try on more technologies in the vehicle industry. Among them, flying cars take a major place. The expectation of flying cars is, drive on the sky as simply as driving on highways.


One of the major Flying car projects, namely, SkyDrive Inc. has carried out a successful trial on a flying car with a person on board. Video of this trial shows that this flying car lifted several feet, around 1-2 meters off the ground. The Head of this project Tomohiro Fukuzawa states that their effort is to make this for real life in 2023. He also stated that the major problem is safety. Even though there are hundreds of flying car projects, only a few have succeeded with a person on board. Currently, this can fly for just 5 to 10 minutes. But the company said that this can improve up to 30 minutes.


There are some challenges in the commercializing of these cars. Some of them are battery size, air traffic control, and other infrastructure issues. This project should success in every aspect before introducing it into the market. Because if there is no safety or any other issue, no one will buy it for a higher price.

Flying Car
Flying Car

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