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Facebook Artificial Intelligent Robot has shut down after realizing they talk to each other

Facebook Artificial Intelligent Robot

One of the most important experiments on Facebook was artificial intelligent robots. But they had to stop this experiment, since after they realize that these robots are talking to each other. The communicating language creates to simplify things, but a human cannot understand. These robots have prepared to make negotiations over an experimental trade of ordinary objects lie ball, hats. The robots had a learning algorithm that helps to learn anything that happens during the experiment. So, these robots are learning robots since they can learn new things rather than following coded instructions. These robots have designed to find or generate ways to optimize the task which makes better understand what exactly happened.


The names of the two robots are Bob and Alice. They have to use words to communicate, but people cannot understand what they mean. The following are part of the conversation.

Bob: I can I I everything

Alice: balls have a ball for me to me.


These robots have negotiated in a way that near to the human approach and pretends to show interest in one object. This is not the first time that artificial intelligence forms a new language. In 2017 Google also revealed this incident, and the company was happy about that.

Facebook Artificial Intelligent Robot
Facebook Artificial Intelligent Robot

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