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Asteroid heading towards the earth on this November. What Will Happen?

Asteroid heading towards

Scientists in NASA have revealed that, an asteroid on a direct collision cause to the earth. According to them, this can happens on the day before the presidential elections in November. They have stated that there may be a 0.41% chance of hitting the planet. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, The Center for Near-Earth Object (CNEOS) has named this celestial object as 2018VP1.


The space agency has said that there can be a less direct impact on the earth from this. They have said that there were three potential impacts but, “based on 21 observations spanning 12.968 days”. This 2018VP1 was identified by Palomar Observatory, California in 2008, initially. According to them potentially this is not a hazardous object, since this is a small object with a diameter of 0.002km. This is similar to 6.5 feet as per the NASA data.

According to NASA, usually a potentially hazardous objects like asteroids or comets, have an orbit that takes them close to the earth. And also they are large enough to cause regional damage if they hit the planet.


Paul Chodas, the director of CNEOS, has stated that “it’s really cool to see small asteroid come by this close because we can see the Earth’s gravity dramatically bend its trajectory”.

Asteroid heading towards
Asteroid heading towards

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