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5G technology enables minors in China to control Machinery and vehicles to work from home

5G technology

5G is the next generation of wireless technology which can change the future world. This provides users with the fastest wireless service and a more responsive network. China is one of the leading countries which tend to apply this 5G technology for their industries as well as their day to day operations. Most technologists predict that 2020 will be the year of 5G networks. China has fast movement to the 5G technology while comparing other countries.

Minors in China can work from home now since they can use 5G to control machineries like excavators and vehicles. They can do the heavy lifting while they are at home. It enables the download speed of 800 MB per second and an upload speed of 100MB per second.

Mainly, miners in Luanchuan Country in Central China use this technology to carry out heavy-duty industrial work.  The initial step for this has taken by China Molybdenum Co. Ltd Company for the operation at the Sandaozhuang Mine in central China from the year 2019.

Workers can control vehicles and the machinery at the mine remotely, with the precision. This enables workers to see what they do in their worksites and operate all the operations in the field.  

5G technology
5G technology

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