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28000 Year Old Mammoth Cells Brought Back To Life

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Can you believe that an animal can reawake after 28000 years of its death? Yes, this has happened to a mammoth who lived 28000 years earlier. Her name is Yooka, and the well-preserved remains of this mammoth found in 2010. A team led by Kazuo Yamagata, a biologist at Kindai University in Japan, has reawakened biological activity traces by implanting this mammoth’s cell nuclei into the mice egg cells. 

This mammoth had entombed in permafrost, which is a frozen ground layer that can keep skin, brains, fur, and other soft tissues of dead animals.

28000 Year Old Mammoth Cells Brought Back To Life
28000-Year-Old Mammoth Cells Brought Back To Life


Researches extracted bone marrows and tissues from mammoth’s remaining cells and inserted the least damaged nucleus into living mouse oocytes, ovarian cells, which helps involve in embryonic development. Eighty-eight nuclei structures have collected from 273.5mg of mammoths preserved muscle tissues.

When the cell incubated, they reawake slightly. Cells haven’t divided but have completed some steps that precede cell division. Nuclei of mammoth performed, “spindle assembly” process, ensures that chromosomes are correctly attached to spindle structure before a parent cell divide into two daughter cells.  

Earlier in 2009, similar research has done with 15000 older mammoth cells by members of the same research team. But it didn’t take success to this much due to technological limitations and state of used frozen mammoth’s tissues.

Researchers indicate that once they obtain nuclei cells that kept in better condition, they can expect advanced research stages of cell division. Less damaged samples can hypothetically enable to induce further nuclear functions such as DNA replication and transcription.

This researchable to reactive the dead mammoth cells partially inside the mouse egg cell. This achievement shows that biological activity can induce in the cells of long-dead animals. Researchers think that this study will provide a new platform to evaluate the biological activities of nuclei in extinct species.

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