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SpaceX – first ever human rocket launch for NASA

The United States stepped into a new era on human space travel. For the first time as a private
company launched astronauts into orbit. Two American astronauts lifted off from Florida.
Launchpad that once served Appollo missions and space shuttle at 3.22 p.m. on May 30, 2020.
The rocket and the capsule have built and operated not by NASA. However, This has done by SpaceX, the
company founded by Ellon Musk, a billionaire to pursue his dream of sending colonists to Mars.
This was the first launch of NASA astronauts from the United States after the retirement of space
shuttles in 2011. Earlier NASA has paid for the space program of Russia to transport its astronauts to
the space station. But, now, with this new step, the United States can give this task to SpaceX
and other companies. Most importantly, this will be a massive chance for entrepreneurs who were waiting to make
money off the planet.

SpaceX – first ever human rocket launch for NASA
SpaceX – first-ever human rocket launch for NASA

Astronauts of this rocket are Robert L. Behnken and Douglas G. Hurley. They are good friends
since NASA selected both as Astronauts in 2000. They have been flown twice previously on
space shuttle missions. But this is the first time they both work together.
This mission is a test flight to validate the SpaceX transportation system, which includes
Launching, in-orbit, docking, and landing. Even though this is SpaceX’s first test with astronauts
aboard, this is the second space flight test of its Crew Dragon.

The objective of this mission

SpaceX – first ever human rocket launch for NASA
SpaceX – first-ever human rocket launch for NASA

Most importantly, this is the final major test before NASA’s Commercial Crew Program certifies Crew Dragon for
operational and long-duration missions to the space station. NASA’s Commercial Crew program
is now working with SpaceX and Boeing to design, build, test and operate safe and cost-
effective human transportation systems to low-Earth orbit.


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