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Google Self driving Cars

Can you imagine a car running without any human operation? You have only to type or tell the
location you want to go, and then the car will take you to the destination. Google has launched a
self-driving car to the industry. However, This self-driving car has already tested on the US roads, but yet
to test on UK roads.
importantly, There are autonomous technologies already in cars, such as Volkswagen Polo’s automatic
braking and Ford Focu’s automatic parallel parking.

Self driving Cars
Self-driving cars

What is Technology?

There are eight sensors in this self-driving car.

The primary sensor in this car is rotating roof-top LiDAR. This is a camera that measures the
distance objects, using an array of 32 or 64 lasers. Then it builds up a 3D map at a range of 200m
to recognize hazards. And also there is a camera that points through the windscreen. Therefore, This camera
helps to recognize nearby hazards like pedestrians and cyclists. And also reads road signs and
identify traffic lights.

There is a bumper-mounted radar which uses in intelligent cruise control. It helps to keep track
of vehicles in front of and behind the car. There is a rear-mounted aerial externally that receives
geolocation information from GPS. And also there is an ultrasonic sensor. One of the rear
wheels to monitor the movement of the car.
There are altimeters, gyroscopes and a tachometer inside the car to give more elegant measurements on
the position of the vehicle.

Self driving Cars
Self-driving Cars

How does this work?

Eight sensors receive interpreted data from Google’s software and driverless cars use this data to
keep you safe inside the car. This data used to identify accurately other road users and their
behavior patterns. And also it can recognize commonly used highway signals.

Self driving Cars
Self-driving cars

Is the self-driving car safe?

There are countless accidents happen on the road per year. Google claims that 90% of
accidents are due to human error. However, Google announced that driverless cars had covered over
700000 miles without recorded accidents. Facts indicate that Google self-driving cars are still
accident-free, safe car types.

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