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Why Opera browser is better than Chrome

Opera browser is better than Chrome because it offers valuable functions that google chrome web browser does not provide for mobile and desktop. Opera and chrome are both well reputed competitors. Because both have good web and mobile web browser applications. As we know most of us use google chrome. Most of android device ships with built in google chrome. Google chrome look and feel is very good. As a result of that Web developers also tend to build their web site to support google chrome.

Google chrome and opera both have same back bone. That means both built based on Chromium engine. But in some cases opera is way better than google chrome.  Lets see what we miss in google chrome that include in opera.

  • Crypto mining protection
  • Built-in Snapshot
  • Sidebar extensions
  • Free & unlimited VPN
  • Built-in messengers
  • Ad blocker
  • Battery saver
  • Crypto Wallet
  • My Flow
  • Customizable Speed Dials
  • Mouse gestures

Seems like there are more better functions available in opera browser. Above all of that opera has built in free VPN and it is unlimited. Chrome does not have VPN yet. When we talk about security VPN is the best solution. Both mobile and web opera browsers support built in vpn. Because of that we do not need to manually install third party vpn client. And also we do not need to pay VPN providers.

Another thing is Battery-saving mode promises up to 1 extra hour of run time compared with Chrome. Your RAM will take a hit when you run Chrome.

Opera comes with integrated ad-blocker. So unlike chrome in opera web browser we do not need to install third party extension ad-blockers.

According to opera won second place within desktop web browsers and third place in mobile web browsers Opera browser is better than Chrome Desktop browser comparison with Opera Opera browser is better than Chrome Mobile browser comparison with Opera


In conclusion, Opera and chrome are both good web browsers, but we cannot reject Opera web browser compare to above valuable functions over chrome web browser. For more information please read the comparison given by opera site with google chrome, Firefox and Opera.



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