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Security of your android mobile device

Have you ever think about how much secure your android mobile device from outside world. I think you are pretty confident about your mobile device security. I bet, your confidence will be questionable after you read this article.

Online activities

Are you satisfied about privacy of your online activities? Then you have to understand this, no one is secure when they connected to the internet. When you navigate to a web address, your local service provider also can detect you from your machine MAC address. Web site can save cookies and cache files in your machine. If you use VPN you can be confident but you are not in the fully secure side. There are ways to track your activities even you surf using a VPN .

Public WIFI

We like to connect public wifi networks because they are totally free. These public wifi networks are very dangerous. Hackers can attack easily to your device and steel your sensitive data without your notice.

Can we trust VPN

Definitely no. How we know whether VPN provider sell our surf history data to third parties? Yes you will think they are bound to protect privacy agreement. My point is even big company like  facebook also failed to do that. How do you trust this unknown VPN providers. Data collected from VPN servers will get higher value.

Malware Applications

Most of users like to play beautiful games and install other eye catchy apps via play store. But the thing is when you install outside application to your mobile device that application will get some amount of permissions to your device.

For an example, you install beautiful photo editor application from Google play store. For edit photo and save this photo this application needs to access your internal storage. Some users will notify storage access permission request but most of the time it does not happen.  But when we see this from outside it is a fair reason. But have you ever knew that when you grant permissions to this app, it could access to all your folders in device internal or external storage.  Application developer can easily get all your images and other files without notifying to you. Trust me it is a very simple code because I am a mobile application developer.

I have another example. Assume you install karaoke application. This app need record your microphone and camera input. This seems like fair reason. But even if you are not using this app, it can record videos and audios by sitting in the background.

Customized Operating systems

Mobile phone manufacturers always try to customize operating system. When they do that you will not get pure android experience. There are several vulnerabilities will occurs because of this kind of customization. They are trying to patch those kind of issues by patching via online updates. But for old devices they will not support.

In conclusion, your mobile device is not a secure place as much as you think. Attackers will always try to get access with mentioning fair reasons to you.


Image by Biljana Jovanovic from Pixabay


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