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Download a torrent file direclty

Downloading a Torrent is some times so much painfull. You have to keep your pc or laptop switch on untill download complete. Some times uploading amount of data higher than downloading. When downloading speed not expected as we do we have to keep waiting longer period watching that never ending download file. Some users activate download and go to sleep. There is an option to schedule our downloads in available torrent application such as utorrent.

But you could be smarter than typical torrent downloder. Because we have technology advancements and this is the era of cloud services. That means softwares become a service that can be accesdible everywhere and every device without an application. Yes we can do torrent caching in the cloud application.

Zbigz is the best torrent downloader alternative in the internet which you can do the caching thing in the cloud and get the direct download link.

Lets assume that you found a torrent link while you are commuting. You have to use torrent app in your mobile device or only way is download from your laptop. But you will cost your mobile date bill and will reduce battery life in mobile device. In this case, you can simply copy torrent url and paste it in the Zbigz account. Zbigz do all caching thing and when completed you will receive direct download link of your file.

In my experience I have seen Zbigz do the caching in few seconds which I had wait an hours to download by torrent application. On the other hand I don’t have seeding cost while downloading a file.

If you trying to downlaod a music file or a video there is an option to stream after caching complete without download a file.

Is it free?

Yes and No. For free account there are limitations.

  • Two downloads allow to keep in the queue.
  • You have 1GB limitation for free account


  • No upload data cost
  • No waiting time
  • Save battery life
  • Portable and remote accesible
  • Fast caching technology
  • Safe, Secure and anonymous
  • No installations or configurations
  • streaming enabled


  • Limitation in free tier
  • Still you have to depend on your data provider’s downloading speed

Those who purchase a premium account can upload completed files to there own google drives.

seems like pros count are higher than cons. Actually if you dont need to watch blue ray movies nowadays average size of 720p movie is around 800MB. So this free service is more than enough for those kind of users.